About Bardia Project

Bardia Project is a Personal-Self Publish Team. Founder, Chairman & CEO of Bardia Project is Bardia Kenway. All the Projects Are Directed & Managed by Bardia Kenway. We have Different Teams for each Projects and they are not the same. My Teams and I hope to make a Responsible Projects (user frendly). Thank you for Visiting Bardia Projects 

Bardia Shirvani-Kenway

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Bardia Project

Hi there. My name is Bardia Shirvani-Kenway (Sh.Kenway). I Create Bardia Project to Develop New Ideas. I'm Game, Animation & Software Developer & Director. Thank you for supporting Bardia Project. my Teams and I hope you enjoy our Works. you can also see our Project Teams down Below Here. Good luck everybody. NO, it's Never Goodbye, Just till Next Time.